What is a Car Camera?

Also known as Dash Cams, Black Box Recorders & Vehicle DVR’s, car cameras are a small video recording device that simply attaches to your vehicles windscreen and continuously records for your entire journey. In-car cameras are powered by two methods, plug and play, this is where the power lead plugs directly into your vehicles cigarette lighter or 12v socket and once plugged in, the camera is ready for immediate use. For those of you wanting a more permanent installation a Hard-Wirekit can be used. This connects your camera directly to your vehicles electrical power supply. Furthermore most of the car cameras we supply come with a small internal battery, this is not used to power the camera for long periods of time but is a great feature meaning that even if the power from the car is lost due to an accident your car camera will still continue to record any further footage after the event.

When attaching the car camera to your windscreen there are generally two options to consider. The first option is to use the small sticky pads that come supplied with all of our cameras, the second, and more preferred option is by using a suction cup mount (usually an optional extra). By using this method it gives you the choice of removing your car camera from one vehicle and quickly installing it into another with very little fuss.

What do car cameras record?

Once installed, all of our car cameras will record automatically as soon as your vehicle is turned on, and then stop recording once switched off. Some of the latest models even have the ability to record events when your vehicle is parked up; this is known as Parking Protection. This feature offers motorists true peace of mind that even the smallest incident will be recorded to the memory card and may even be used as a vital piece of evidence against a third party. As more and more motorists become aware of these cameras being used it will not only start to act as a huge deterrent for dangerous or reckless driving but will also put a stop to any illegal behaviour on the roads especially when these drivers will have no way of knowing if any of their illegal actions are going to be caught on camera.

The footage from any of our car camera range is stored, as mentioned before via an installed SD memory card. As the camera records your journey it gradually fills up the memory card with your video footage. Once the card is full the camera automatically starts to record over the oldest files first (known as Loop Recording) and basically means the SD card will never run out of recording space. We stock a full range of SD memory cards and these are available as an optional extra for most of our car and bike camera range. The larger the card, the more initial video footage you will be able to store on it.

If i’m involved in an accident, what happens?

With our range of car cameras you’ll finally be able to gain the upper hand against the numerous dangerous, criminal or just plain stupid drivers we have on our roads.  Most of our car cameras come with a built in G-Sensor which will automatically detect any accident or collision as it happens and then start to record the footage around that incident and lock it onto the installed SD card. This will prevent it from being overwritten once the memory card is full; this is what’s known as ‘Event Locking’. There is also a single push button feature that can be pressed at any time to record any further footage you may require.

What are the benefits of installing a car camera?

Quite simply, there are countless benefits as to why you should invest in your very own in-car camera. Our comprehensive range will ensure that you are always fully protected in the event of any accident.

In reality it doesn’t matter how careful a driver you are, if there are other drivers not paying attention or simply breaking the law, i.e. using their mobile phones or speeding, you can very easily become involved an accident. Worst case scenario, you may even be put at fault by the insurance company, depending on the situation, but with a car camera installed in your vehicle, the footage will ensure the correct party is always found liable. If you’re seriously considering the purchase of an in-car video camera, here are a few more reasons why they are such a great idea…

They provide you with irrefutable video evidence of anything you that you feel needs to be filmed and can also act as a silent witness in the event of an accident or collision.

They dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes to settle a claim, either by the insurance companies involved or by a court of law.

Installing a car camera has been proven to change people’s driving habits and their behaviour on the roads.

So, whats different about a car camera?

There are numerous features that separate car cameras from other types of video recording equipment. Many of our range of car cameras use internal G-Sensors (G-Force sensor). Simply put, if the camera detects a sharp or sudden movement such as severe braking, harsh steering or an actual collision, the camera will produce a video file capturing the whole event from just before, during and after the incident. This footage can be used to prove who was at fault and can give you important details such as the make and model of the third party vehicle, the registration plate and in some cases images of the other driver; it may also help to clarify if other passengers were involved. This is all supporting evidence that even the police cannot dispute.

As briefly discussed earlier, another great feature of the car camera is the parking protection mode. This is where your camera monitors any activity around your vehicle using motion tracking. If it detects a significant amount of movement it will automatically record a short video file that can be used as evidence should you ever come back to find that your vehicle has been vandalised or tampered with in any way.

Two other features which are worth a quick mention are GPS tracking. This is great for seeing where you have been whilst viewing back recorded footage. This is particularly ideal for businesses or fleets who want to know when and where one of their drivers where at a certain time of day.

And finally, nearly all of our car cameras have the ability to take photo snapshots; if you’re unlucky enough to be involved in an accident you can remove the camera from its holder and start to take pictures of the scene from outside the car, yet another very useful added extra.

Don’t forget…

Eyewitness Cameras are here to help, our entire car camera range are specifically designed and built to offer you peace of mind on every single journey you’ll make. We are committed to providing our customers with the best protection we can against some of the UK’s worst drivers. (There’s quite a few out there!). We’re sure we have the perfect camera package waiting for you with a great range of price points suitable for any budget.

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