Thinkware F770 2-CH Dashboard Camera

The Thinkware F770 is a Full HD 1080p Front and Rear Dash Cam 32GB with Rear-View Camera it has Parking Mode, Wi-Fi, Super Night Vision, GPS, and many other features.

Dash Cam Features: FEATURES
  1. Road Safety Warning System, providing audio and visual alerts for:
    • Lane Departure Warning System - Informs of your vehicle departing lanes
    • Front Collision Warning System - Informs when you are approaching too close to vehicle in front, to protect you from potential collisions
    • Front Vehicle Departure Warning

  2. Super Night Vision
    • Uses Image Signal Processing (ISP) Technology, to improve visibility in low-light conditions by up to 1000%!

  3. Parking Mode
    • The device stays on even after the ignition is off to provide impact and motion detection surveillance when you are away from your car

  4. Rear-View Camera
    • For viewing events behind the car , which records in 1080p, and 30FPS, ensuring that any crashes/ events behind the car is witnessed and secured

  5. Built-In Wi-Fi
    • The Thinkware Mobile App allows you to review recorded footage, save clips to your mobile, view live-time footage, and adjust the Dash Cams settings via your Phone

  6. Built-In GPS
    • Allows the driver to have Safety Camera Alerts (Speed Cameras and Traffic Lights)
    • Also allows the user to review their location via Google Maps alongside the video, using the Thinkware PC Viewer App

  7. Dual Save Technology
    • Thinkware's own specially designed technology to save recorded footage in both Micro SD and NAND Flash Memory after an impact

  8. Super Capacitor
    • Ensures durable quality without swelling issues under any weather conditions
List Price: £265.00 GBP